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Relieve IT department headaches, eliminate system vulnerabilities, and modernize antiquated infrastructure with Epicor Kinetic for manufacturing industries.

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Are you tired of being asked to work miracles with outdated technology?

Siloed systems, homegrown solutions cobbled together over time, and duct-taped fixes that can’t hold much longer all keep your business from operating efficiently. Fortunately, there's a better way to manage your business' technology infrastructure.

Epicor Kinetic unified infrastructure to help avoid blame

Are you blamed for the poor performance of disjointed infrastructure?

Epicor Kinetic unifies business operations in an intuitive and approachable ecosystem. Simplify your adoption and implementation of technology using a single source of truth that manages all the essential parts of your business in one place, with one solution.

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Are you looking for a holistic solution focused on your business' needs?

Epicor Kinetic delivers industry-leading technology solutions that easily scale with growth and satisfy the unique requirements of  manufacturers. Meet the needs of executives, ensure employee buy-in, and secure your business as a technology leader with Epicor Kinetic.


Introducing Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic is designed to unify your people, processes, and data with 50-years of manufacturing and business management best practices, built-in.



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A system of record users can interact with intuitively, on any connected device, to complete their daily tasks with ease.

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A secure environment with permissions you can extend or constrain based on role, responsibility, and need of staff.

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Use the system the way you want, when you want, where you want. Your Epicor environment is designed around you.

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On-Prem or in the Cloud, Epicor Kinetic can be scaled up or down according to your business' unique needs.


Implement, Engage, and Maintain With Ease

Please your teams with a tailored system that speaks to users' needs. Epicor Kinetic gives you control to create unique interfaces complete with layers, components, rules, and events through a simple and intuitive visual designer.



The Strategic Value of UX

Beyond security, efficiency, and scalability, Kinetic provides strategic value as part of an outstanding user experience.

Cut out software-related errors, unnecessary wait time, and productivity loss with an experience that is approachable, intuitive, and engaging.



Secured by Microsoft Azure

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Epicor Kinetic in the cloud brings you mission-critical, industry-specific value to drive business growth – faster, easier, and more reliable than ever.

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Epicor Kinetic Security For ITAR-Compliant Manufacturers

Companies that store, process, or transmit data that is classified as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) must understand and follow the government guidelines around how that data is protected. When they choose to host data with a third party, it is critical that the security and access is in line with their expectations and requirements. Epicor has processes in place to help you meet these needs.

Download the ITAR Cloud Security White Paper


Customize Epicor Kinetic interfaces using the Kinetic Application Studio. Drive user adoption, improve experience, and increase productivity.




Kinetic Questions Answered

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions from current and prospective users of Epicor Kinetic and the Application Studio.


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Interested in what it takes to get started with Epicor Kinetic?

Read the Getting Started guide for a high-level look at how quickly you can implement the Kinetic experience for your teams.

Download the Guide to Getting Started with kinetic 

getting started with Epicor Kinetic

The benefits of an Epicor certified partner

Protecting your technology investment is vital when selecting an enterprise software partner. Not only will your organization get better results, but choosing an Epicor Authorized or Certified Partner can also help you stay compliant with your Epicor contract.

Learn about the benefits of a certified partner

the benefits of a certified epicor partner
Encompass is cost competitive, responsive and supportive. Their outstanding service has been helpful and forthright in all our Epicor endeavors. 
General Dynamics
The team at Encompass Solutions was instrumental in our quick and successful implementation of Epicor. Their ERP experience made our transition go very smoothly. 
Yeti Coolers
We increased our efficiency 21% in the first year after Encompass implemented our ERP. Increased efficiency means increased profits - well worth the investment. 
Correct Craft
With Encompass, all of our Financial support issues are resolved and we are educated on the cause. We wanted to be sure the provider we chose would adhere to an internal method of development and documentation as well as being extremely knowledgeable about Epicor. Encompass has gone beyond our expectations.
Encompass clearly understands the system, its strengths and limitations, and were able to suggest some "out of the box" ideas we haven't seen from many Epicor consultants. 
Campbell Grinder Co.
From accounting questions to new modules, inventory mysteries to mad scientist "what if we wanted to…" ideas – We trust Encompass to give us the right answers. 
M. Holland Company
Your team has delivered excellent performance. I often have very technical and specific questions and Encompass always helps me with great professionalism and courtesy. 
J&B Industrial Services
This feels like a true partnership, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. When we partnered with Encompass, our momentum picked up exponentially. The Encompass team listens, responds, and takes action.
Gray Metal South, Inc.
Encompass has done a great job at assessing our transition situation. Their BPR guidance systematically attacked and resolved pain points following implementation. 
Kaufman Container
We have enjoyed working with Encompass Solutions for many years now, they have stepped up to support our older legacy system. 
Royal Master Grinders, Inc.
Encompass has a great team, they get it, they ask all the right questions until they understand it well enough to make the tool work the way we need it to work. 
DoxSteel Fasteners
Encompass are the technical and functional experts. After multiple projects with outstanding and consistent results, they have become our "Epicor Wingman". 
Swepco Tube, LLC
You helped me with an Embedded Customization. It went very well and I was so pleased. Within an hour we had completed what I had hoped to get done (and thought it might take several hours!). A really good task done. Thanks again to the Encompass team.
Encompass literally came to our rescue. We had a critical accounting issue occur right after we canceled our services with the previous provider. We hadn’t even signed the contract yet. Our Account Manager, Jason Claggett, helped us get the paperwork in order and get resources in contact with our accounting dept and resolved our issue in a very timely manner.
BriskHeat Corporation
I would recommend Encompass and Epicor. As we were down in the trenches, Encompass was right there along side us to ensure our success.
Accel Robotics

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